Meet Our First Hero Actually Our First Two Heroes

This is Liam Holt. In November of 2017, Liam was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. His Doctors gave him 3 months to live. But Liam wasn't having It. With the Help of His Doctor, Liam under went several procedures -  along with The Whipple  Surgery. Liam had a very simple, but wonderful, bucket list. He wanted to spend his time helping others. Liam would finish a treatment and head off to talk to someone about their cancer diagnosis. He would spend time with other cancer patients and hep talk through their fears and concerns. As Liam start feeling better, he increased his efforts. Traveling to all parts of New England to meet with Patients that were referred to him. through a growing network. Liam was following his passion of helping others. Along the way, Liam decided he needed some assistance in bring smiles to these heroes- Enter Sonny. A lovable little Cockapoo, that loves Liam and Loves Bringing Smiles to those who needed it. Liam had a new partner to help him bring smile to those whop needed. In 2019, Liam set off to see the country. Liam and Sonny traveled to all the lower 48 States. It was on this Journey that Liam saw firsthand how much people need support with their fight with Cancer.  And that was the beginning of SMILE FOR SONNY!

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